Divorce, Child Support, Custody and Family Law

Families are the building blocks of our community

Everyone wants to have a successful marriage and to be happy and to live to raise solid families in a nurturing and protected environment. We all enter into relationships and marriages with the best of intentions. Sometimes those intentions fall apart. No one feels good about divorce. No one feels good about forcing someone that they love or loved to do things. Unfortunately, forcing or compelling people to do the right thing is sometimes necessary.

Marriage is a partnership. When a partnership breaks up there are lots of entanglements that have to be resolved. Financial entanglements and human entanglements. We want to help you unravel these entanglements and to move on with your life.

The best thing that can be said about divorce is that it ends at some point. We will help you understand the process, understand the law and come to a resolution using all the tools that are available. The Family Court Judges are the ultimate resolution and we will try your case vigorously in the family courts of South Carolina. Before that we will attempt to negotiate resolutions that are legally, ethically and morally supportable we will pursue the possibilities of mediation and arbitration.

Whatever we do we will do with you as the ultimate decision-maker. This is your life. This is your children’s lives. We are aware of the tremendous responsibility in handling people’s lives and we understand your need to understand the process and to be able to use our services to achieve a legal result, but also to heal and move on with your life.