Social Security Disability Law

social security photoThere are a lot of attorneys and corporations willing to represent you in your Social Security disability claim. The single most important difference between our representation and most, if not all, of those other Social Security attorneys and representatives is that when you come into our office you will meet with the attorney the first time you have an appointment. The attorney you meet with will be the attorney that prepares your case for hearing before the Social Security Administration judge. It will be the same attorney who is standing by your side when you have your hearing. You’ll meet with your attorney from four to an unlimited number of times during the course of your disability case and every time you will meet with the same attorney face-to-face. If you hire a Social Security representative based on a TV ad from out-of-state it is unlikely that you will ever speak to your attorney until minutes before you walk into a courtroom. A dozen different hands may handle your file but no one and especially not that final attorney standing next to you in the courtroom will have met with you face-to-face. From the very first day you bring a Social Security claim to our office you will meet with Mr. Falkiewicz and you will speak with him each time you come to our office.

Social Security disability comes in two basic forms. If you are a working person or the spouse of a deceased working person you may be able to make a claim for Social Security disability payments. If you have been a working person or married to a deceased working person and they have sufficient “work credits” then you may be able to make a claim based upon a medical condition which keeps you from doing work activity.

If you do not have a work record then you may be able to make a claim for supplemental security income (SSI) if you are disabled and have no work credits.

Both of these benefits require that you be disabled because of an existing medical condition. Social Security disability requires that you have established a prior work record sufficient to give you benefits. SSI does not require a work record but is only available to those people who have little household income, including the income of your spouse, and fall below a scheduled monthly amount of income.

It is absolutely essential in any disability claim for you to have a well-documented medical record. You must access medical care through your family doctor, through hospitals and other medical providers and you cannot afford such care than you need to seek treatment through the various clinics that are available in your local area for low income citizens. The importance of a well-documented medical record cannot be over emphasized.

If you are to be successful and to give us the ammunition that we need to help you be successful you must pursue medical treatment.