Workmens Compensation Law

Workmens’ Compensation is an exclusive remedy for working people who are hurt on the job. This exclusive remedy protects employers from suits for negligence by their injured workers. It helps the worker by making negligence or liability not part of any Workmen’s Compensation claim. If you are hurt on the job you are entitled to make a claim based upon your injury and a schedule of damages that is contained in the South Carolina code for compensation.

Workmen’s Compensation pays workers based upon limitations and injuries to specific body parts. Your case will be heard before a commissioner who is part of the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation commission. During those hearings your medical records, medical reports, vocational reports and other evidence will be presented, as well as your testimony, to the commission. It is unusual and unlikely that your physician would have to testify. Medical records and other pertinent documents are submitted on paper and must be prepared ahead of time. Workmen’s Compensation claims are a matter of preparation and we, together with associate counsel, will prepare your case and you in a complete and thorough manner. Serving the working people of South Carolina is a privilege.